Three essential footwork drills for boxing

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Tony Jeffries demonstrates the importance of mastering boxing footwork

Footwork is the most important thing in boxing. I bet you can’t name a great fighter who has bad footwork, right?

In the video below I give you three simple but very effective footwork drills that I think every fighter should be working on every week.

is what gets you into range to land punches, it gets you out of danger and if
you ever need a little breather, moving your feet and going for a little dance
is the best way to do that. 

So with this being said, why don’t more people work footwork, drilling in the movements? I think it’s because there is not that many coaches, or at least not that many that I worked with that thought about how important footwork was compared to punching. 

Obviously practising punching and throwing punches is huge in boxing, we need to know how to perfect our punches. 

if you work on perfecting the feet, everything else will follow.

In this video, I give you three great footwork drills that I believe every fighter should be doing multiple times a week. 

Click here and check it out :

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