Is Ryan Garcia the real deal?


Ryan Garcia
If you come to the ring on a throne, you better be able to fight. Tony Jeffries gives his take on Ryan Garcia’s performance against Luke Campbell

RYAN GARCIA and Luke Campbell kicked 2021 off with a brilliant fight.

I was sad with the outcome as Luke is a friend of mine and former Olympic teammate, as well as a great lad. 

Even though Ryan Garcia did a top job and dominated most of the fight, is he the real deal? 

He has 8 million followers on Instagram, is friends with celebrities, always in the public eye. There is so much hype around this lad. But can Garcia truly fight? Has he got the right attitude to go all the way?

Has he been fought any top level guys that will push him? Is he world championship material? 

Ryan Garcia

Well he just fought a world class fighter in Luke Campbell, and he got put down heavily in the second round. Does that mean he isn’t world class? Or does it make him more of a champion for the way he got back up and finished the fight? 

I’ve just done a full video breaking down last nights fight and talking about the most popular boxer on social media .

Watch the video below:

I would love to know if you agree with what I say on this video.

Who should be next for Garcia, what did you think of his performance against Luke Campbell and will he be a pay-per-view star? 

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