Shields: I won’t be surprised if Pacquiao wins but I’m leaning Spence


In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Ronnie Shields shares his perspective on the big upcoming welterweight showdown between unified champion Errol Spence and challenger Manny Pacquiao. In Shields’ estimation, he says he’s expecting a close fight that could go either way depending on the game plans implemented. Check out some excerpts of what Shields had to say below.

Shields on Pacquiao-Spence

“That’s a very tough fight, for both guys. And it’s hard to pick a winner, for me, on that fight because Pacquiao is a slick, fast, strong guy and Errol is a strong guy and he’s a pressure fighter. I mean, man, that’s gonna be explosive and I guess whoever has the best game plan I think is gonna win.”

On which fighter has more advantages

“I wouldn’t say younger is always better. Experience is probably the best thing. Manny has seen many Errol Spences before and Errol hasn’t seen many Manny Pacquiaos before. But the determination I think is going to be a big factor in this fight. I mean, look, it’s hard to pick a winner. It really is. This is going to be a great and a tough fight and I definitely want to be there for it.”

On if Spence’s jab could prove to be the difference-maker, thwarting Pacquiao’s rhythm

“The crazy thing is people saw Keith Thurman do that and he made it a close fight, but he didn’t get the win. But understand you’ve got two southpaws fighting each other so the stance is going to be different. So I don’t know if that’s gonna be the key to it…I’m sure Derrick (James) is gonna put together a great game plan for Errol that fits him.

“Both guys have great chins so I don’t think it’s gonna be a knockout either way but I think it’s gonna be a very close fight. I really, truly believe that. I would not be shocked if Manny wins but I’m leaning Errol Spence but I wouldn’t be shocked if Manny Pacquiao wins.”

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