Roach: Pacquiao has to be perfect, Spence may not be mentally recovered from accident


During this video interview with Freddie Roach, the trainer talks about the fast-approaching welterweight showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence and he’s feeling good about their chances heading into the fight. Roach questions whether or not Spence is truly 100% after his car accident and says he’ll be looking for Pacquiao to push the pace and overwhelm his opponent.

On how camp is going for Pacquiao

“He knows where he’s at and he’s in a good place. I know Errol Spence is a very good fighter, good boxer, but I still don’t think — I’m very leery of that car accident. He’s lucky to be alive, I’m happy he’s alive, but it was a real bad car accident and I still don’t think that’s over…Mentally, how could you (be 100% after the accident).”

On Spence appearing to be fine in his fight against Danny Garcia

“Yeah, okay, but he’s fighting Danny Garcia. That’s a big jump from Manny Pacquiao, believe me. But he looked okay in that fight, but it wasn’t great, but it was okay. But the thing is I’m happy he’s alive and so forth and happy he made it through that accident but, again, I don’t feel that accident’s over and I think Manny Pacquiao’s speed is — usually what it does is overwhelms a lot of people; the foot speed, the hand speed, the power he has. And when we had two knockdowns (in sparring) yesterday I was really happy. I don’t think Manny needed it as much as I did. It was good to see because that’s what the old Manny Pacquiao used to do.”

On if he’s concerned that Spence might try to control the fight at range with his jab

“I don’t think that will happen but obviously it could, of course. I’m not in his training camp. The thing is I want Manny to start a fast pace and move a lot like he can. He’s a very good boxer and great on his toes and things. Spence is a little bit heavy footed in there. He kind of plods around a little bit and follows you. The thing is Manny’s got to be in the pocket, get a two or three punch combination and he’s got to get out.

“If he stays in the pocket he’ll get hit back and that won’t be good because getting hit from a big puncher like him is going to be dangerous. So we have to fight the perfect fight to win, we know that, but we’re getting ready. We’re getting there.”

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