Dulorme files appeal to overturn Ennis loss, claims rabbit punch


Jaron “Boots” Ennis impressed virtually everyone with his October beating of Thomas Dulorme, but the Puerto Rican veteran claims foul play. Per a press release, he’s “officially submitted a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission” asking the fight be overturned to a no contest on the grounds that Ennis initially dropped him with a rabbit punch.

“I feel I wasn’t given the allocated time to recover by the referee, after getting hit from what was clearly an illegal rabbit punch to the back on my head, forcing me to fight at a disadvantage,” said Dulorme. “Jaron Ennis is a great fighter and I’m not taking anything away from his talent, I’m just disputing that I should have been given the allotted time to regain my composure. I’m hoping that Nevada State Athletic Commission will honor my appeal based on their rules.”

With the magic of modern technology, we can have a look at the offending blow ourselves. Roll the tape.

At 0:06, Ennis fires a short-range overhand right as Dulorme ducks down. The punch arcs directly into the side of Dulorme’s head behind the ear and sends him crumpling to the mat. The only reason it landed around the back of Dulorme’s head was because he ducked down; Ennis in no way targeted the area. Trying to overturn a fight is always an uphill battle even if you do have a strong case, which Dulorme doesn’t.

At least it should help Dulorme feel better about the loss if he can blame something else for it.

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