14,299 People Take Part In Record Breaking Boxing Class


Posted on 06/18/2022

By: Sean Crose

Those who love to say boxing is dead might want to check this out: over fourteen thousand people attended a single boxing class Saturday in Mexico City. With esteemed teachers such as Jose Cuevas, Erik Morales and Andy Ruiz Jr leading the half hour session, students dressed in the red, white and green colors of the Mexican flag took part in learning the sweet science at the city’s Zocalo. According to ESPN “the event broke the Guinness World Record for the largest boxing class in the world…the previous record was held by Moscow, Russia, as it held a mega boxing class with 3,250 participants in Red Square.”

No doubt Saturday’s record crushing class was a colorful affair. Still, it’s hard to imagine how much boxing was learned in Mexico City this weekend. No matter. This was a gathering designed with the purpose of breaking records. “The Guinness representatives, Mr. Carlos Tapia Rojas and Mr. Alfredo Arista,” the World Boxing Council writes, “together with the honorary witnesses, the president of the City Boxing Commission from Mexico, Ciro Nucci and Fernando Romero, confirmed the record and presented the certificate.” In all, a total of 14,200 individuals gathered for the record breaking uber-class.

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