Canelo-Golovkin 3 To Go Down At T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas


Posted on 06/21/2022

By: Sean Crose

Color the boxing world not surprised. The third Canelo-Golovkin fight will go down September 17th at – wait for it – the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the exact same location where the first two high end battles between the future Hall of Famers went down. The truth is, it all makes perfect sense. The first two Canelo-Golovkin matches brought in a ton of money and eyeballs – and the location had more than a little to do with that. There’s lots of dollars to be found in Las Vegas, and the T-Mobile arena is about as high end a fight host as one can find in “Sin City.”

It’s worth wondering whether the wear and tear Canelo and Golovkin have endured over time will be telling in September. This fight is a deal breaker of sorts for both men. The loser is going to look like yesterday’s news. Unless, of course, people feel the judges are clearly biased in favor of Canelo. There’s no doubt judges love the red haired star. Many if not most fans felt Golovkin was robbed when his first fight with Canelo was scored a draw. Some also felt Golovkin got robbed in his second fight with Canelo, as well, as the judges ruled Canelo the winner.

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