Jake Paul: “Tommy Is Officially Out By Wednesday Morning If He Doesn’t Go To The Embassy”


Posted on 07/03/2022

By: Sean Crose

Tommy Fury, brother of Tyson Fury, was kept from entering the United States last week for unspecified reasons. This proved to be more than a mere inconvenience, as Fury was supposed to attend a New York press conference with Jake Paul to promote their August fight – which is also set to go down in America. So far, however, there’s been no movement on the part of Fury – at least not publicly – to clear himself to come to America. And Paul is ready to move on.

“Tommy is officially out by Wednesday morning if he doesn’t go to the embassy / come out of hiding,” Paul posted to social media on Sunday, “3 other opponents lined up. I’m built different.” It’s clear that Paul, a very popular but still inexperienced boxer, wants his scheduled August match with Tommy Fury to be seen through to completion. As he makes it clear, however, the brash media influencer turned popular boxer doesn’t intend to wait forever. To make things even more interesting, Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, is sympathetic to team Paul while appearing a bit critical of Fury himself.

“He’s got to get to the embassy,” Warren said to IFLTV of Fury. “No appointment has been made yet, and I can understand where they’re coming from (meaning Paul and his team).” Although there’s no such thing as a fighter being a coward, one might wonder whether Fury is or isn’t interested in facing Paul at this point. It would be rather strange if he wasn’t. For Paul-Fury would be a pay per view event held at Madison Square Garden. It would also be a fight that would earn Fury a lot of money, as well.

Lastly, Fury stands a real chance against Paul if he decides to face him in the ring. Like Paul, Fury’s record may betray professional inexperience, but unlike Paul’s previous opponents, the man is not a novice. He’s been fighting as a pro for a while now. Fury and his team have been keeping quiet, so it’s at least safe to assume something is in the works to get Fury stateside. The question, however, is will the man be able to make it to the States in time?

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