Jake Paul: Fury has two days, three other opponents lined up as replacements


The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury saga continues. As you may recall if you care about this, Fury was denied a visa to enter the United States last week, which scrapped the New York press conference for their scheduled Aug. 6 fight on Showtime PPV at Madison Square Garden.

Since then, it’s been pretty quiet. Paul has made out that all Fury has to do is go to the embassy and a magic wand is waved and he will be granted entry, but as we’ve pointed out, there’s very likely a lot more to it than that. But this version allows Jake Paul to look really good, and for Tommy Fury to look like he’s scared of Jake Paul, so obviously that’s the way Paul will go with it. And why wouldn’t he?

Either way, though, Paul is now giving Fury until Wednesday to get things settled, or they will move on, saying that they have “three other opponents lined up” for a fight that will take place in four weeks.

Fury (8-0, 4 KO) is, at this moment, still officially the opponent for Paul (5-0, 4 KO) on Aug. 6, but there’s a very real chance it will be someone else.

37-year-old UFC veteran Nate Diaz has been brought up a lot as a potential opponent, and would fit the general criteria for Paul opponents to date, though I think he’d be more dangerous than Ben Askren, who can’t box and doesn’t have hips or whatever, or Tyron Woodley, who generally just doesn’t throw punches. Diaz is a proper weirdo.

Paul has said that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will not be the opponent, telling CompuBox’s Dan Canobbio that Chavez was “near the top of the list” but “unfortunately going through rehab” at the moment.

There is also the chance this does get settled in the next 48 hours and hooray, a bunch of free promotion and drama added to the fight.

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