Vargas: Magsayo will come out strong but I’ll counter, tear his head off


Ahead of this weekend’s WBC featherweight title fight where Rey Vargas will challenge Mark Magsayo for the green strap, Vargas talks about gearing up for this matchup and why he believes he’s got what it takes to once again become a world champion.

“I’ve been preparing well for this fight,” Vargas said. “I’m always looking to improve and step into the ring as the very best version of myself. The hard work is done, now I’m just focusing on what’s going to happen on fight night.

“My goal is to dominate this fight and bring the title back to Mexico. I fight for my Mexican people and my family, and I work hard every day to make them proud.”

Vargas would then touch on his training camp alongside the legendary trainer Nacho Beristain, who he says knows him so well that he’ll be able to pull every ounce of ability out of him for this fight.

“’Nacho’ Beristain, along with my dad, have been with me ever since the start of my professional journey,” Vargas continued. “I know Nacho just as well as he knows me. I like to say that he is an ‘old man of the sea’ with all of his life experience. He knows what type of fighter I am, and I know what type of trainer he is. He knows me to perfection after all of these years.”

And according to Vargas, there’s no chance that he’s taking this fight lightly, overlooking his opponent, nor overconfident in his ability — he just knows what he can do and looks forward to displaying that in front of the world.

“I’m not overconfident, but I know how hard I worked and what I’m capable of,” Vargas said. “Magsayo will come out strong with lots of energy, but we will counter that. That’s when we’ll tear his head off.”

Of course Vargas is also looking forward to being backed by legions of Mexican fans from which he’ll only draw further inspiration.

“Mexico vs. Philippines has always been a great rivalry. It’s a guaranteed, can’t-miss show. This fight is not going to be the exception,” Vargas would continue. “The Mexican fans are spicy, hot-headed and passionate. They always come out and show their support for their fellow countrymen. They will do so once again and I’m very thankful to have their support every time I face a new challenge.”

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