Garcia vs Fortuna, more: How to watch, boxing schedule July 12-16


YouTube, 1:00 pm ET, Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr press conference. Not actually 100 percent sure this is streaming, but am guessing that it will.

ESPN+ and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Barboza vs Zorrilla press conference.

ESPN+ and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Barboza vs Zorrilla weigh-in.

DAZN and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Garcia vs Fortuna press conference.

DAZN and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Garcia vs Fortuna weigh-in.

ESPN+, 7:00 pm ET, Arnold Barboza Jr vs Danielito Zorrilla. An ESPN+ exclusive that is an actual Top Rank show, this one from Temecula, Calif. Let me make that extra clear: You can only watch this on ESPN+. No portion of this show will be on ESPN. The main event is decent, and perhaps even more interesting for many will be Keyshawn Davis and Richard Torrez Jr returning on the undercard, or at least that was the plan before. Top Rank play a big secret game with their undercards. Bad Left Hook will have live coverage.

BT Sport (UK), 2:00 pm ET, Lennox Clarke vs Mark Heffron. Clarke is defending the British and Commonwealth super middleweight titles here, a pretty good matchup for the domestic level, and there is currently a metric ass load of Queensberry prospects meant to be on the undercard, to the point that they simply all won’t be, it just will not turn out that Nick Ball AND Hamzah Sheeraz AND Dennis McCann AND Ryan Garner AND Pierce O’Leary AND Karol Itauma AND Massod Abdulah AND Sonny Liston Ali AND Umar Khan AND Khalid Ali AND Sean Noakes will all be fighting. The odds on every single one of those guys fighting on this show are about as good as some of my stupider parlays, we’re talking +3200 or something here. Whether I do coverage for this or not will depend on whether I just kinda, y’know, feel like it, but I’ll list it as a maybe. That’s just honesty; this show would be a time sink for business purposes but I might feel like watching it anyway. I watch lots of time sinks. Barboza vs Zorrilla isn’t exactly going to light up the stats, either. Bad Left Hook might have live coverage.

DAZN, 8:00 pm ET, Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna. The good news is it didn’t take forever to Ryan Garcia to fight again, and he’s in against a decent opponent, maybe the best or second-best of his career, depending on what you think or Luke Campbell vs Javier Fortuna in that conversation. But Fortuna is also a guy coming off of a loss to JoJo Diaz a year ago (he won a nothing fight in February to make this technically untrue), small at 135, and clearly thought to be a relatively safe opponent for Garcia. It’s not a bad fight, but why it’s happening is transparent, as is the choice to do Fortuna now and save JoJo for later this year if/when Golden Boy fail to make the Tank Davis fight. The card will also feature Alexis Rocha vs Samuel Kotey, Lamont Roach Jr vs Angel Rodriguez, and Ricardo Sandoval vs David Jimenez. It is a very typical Golden Boy card for the moment. Bad Left Hook will have live coverage.

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