Haney: Future clash with Stevenson will happen when it makes sense


This week junior lightweight titleholder Shakur Stevenson put it out there that he’ll soon be making the move up to lightweight, which would put him in line for several potentially big fights with some big names in the division.

The name with all the major titles, howdfever, is Devin Haney and here in this interview with Fight Hype, Haney responds to Floyd Mayweather saying he should be matched against Shakur Stevenson. Check out some of what Haney had to say below.

Haney on Mayweather stating a fight between him and Stevenson is the biggest fight to make at lightweight since people like to criticize Gervonta Davis’ secondary title

“Yeah, of course. That is a huge fight to be made one day,” Haney said. “At the end of the day we all know that this is a business. We real good friends, we talk often, and when the time comes is when the time comes. But it’s gonna make sense for me and for him and we’re gonna make a huge fight for the fans when it happens.”

On becoming undisputed lightweight champion and believing he should be on P4P lists

“I should definitely be on everybody’s pound-for-pound list. They said that the lightweight division is the best division in boxing, they said it was the four kings and this and that — now it’s one king and they don’t like it. But it is what it is. I’m just gonna keep beating whoever they put in front of me and if I’m not on their pound-for-pound list, it is what it is. That’s just an opinionated list.

“Everybody’s list is different. Who’s to say ESPN’s list is better than Ring magazine, and it’s all different for a reason — it’s all based on opinion. But one thing they can’t say is anybody has a belt in the lightweight division and that’s all that matters, and that’s a fact…the proof is in the pudding whether I’m on their pound-for-pound list or not.”

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