Logan Paul: Floyd still owes me a couple million, will see him in court if necessary


Logan Paul chatted with media reporters and touched on the subject of his 2021 fight against Floyd Mayweather, for which he says he still hasn’t been paid in full. Paul would say that he’s intent on collecting a couple million he says he’s still owed, and will get to the bottom of it one way or another. Check out some of what Paul had to say below.

Paul on an unpaid balance from his fight with Mayweather

“I got paid, just not in full,” Paul said about his exhibition fight with Mayweather. “A couple million that’s somehow just missing. Where did the money go? Floyd said he could afford a Jeff Bezos sized jet from the money he made from that fight — I ain’t got a fuckin’ jet. What the fuck dude?! I’m missing a couple mill. We’re gonna find it bro, I’ll see you in court…watch my words, we’re coming for you.”

Paul on if he believes he’s improving as a boxer

“Yeah. There’s something to be said about taking a year to just train and internalize. Like, when I take a step back from the sport sometimes and just watch…it’s a bit of like mental download, in a way, of the skill set…The kid’s mad progressing, and it doesn’t stop.”

On Jake Paul’s upcoming match with Hasim Rahman Jr

“This is just another example of Jake taking on a challenge and fighting someone that is dangerous. Everyone that Jake’s fought has an edge, it’s not always a takeaway…(Rahman) has a really good ‘they should win’ reason…but I know my brother and I know what he’s capable of.”

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