Ruiz: Ortiz was dangerous when hurt, I had to be cautious to ensure the victory


Immediately following his narrow points win over Luis Ortiz, former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz reflected a bit on how the fight played out, and why he didn’t go for the kill when it looked like he had Ortiz in a vulnerable state. According to Ruiz, he felt the need to play things a little cautious to ensure a win as he didn’t want to carelessly get clipped by the return fire coming from Ortiz. Check out some of what Ruiz had to say below.

Ruiz on having to play it cautious once he dropped Ortiz

“Of course because a dangerous fighter is when he’s hurt, so that’s when he’s more vulnerable. And that’s exactly what we did. When I knocked him down I had to be safe and had to be cautious because he was coming back (with punches). A dangerous fighter is a hurt fighter.”

On what he was thinking when Ortiz got up from three knockdowns

“He’s a veteran, man. I was holding back a lot because of the distance, because I haven’t fought in a long time. I just wanted to be smart, be cautious, and I didn’t want to get hurt with anything else. I didn’t want it to be he drops me, I drop him, he drops me — so I think I was trying to be cautious, trying to counterpunch him and win by points and that’s exactly what we did.”

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