Nakatani beats down Magramo to claim WBO flyweight title


Japan could have a real star on its hands, as 22-year-old Masayoshi Nakatani smashed dangerous Filipino puncher Giemel Magramo this morning to win the WBO flyweight title formerly held by Kosei Tanaka.

It was a matchup that had been brewing all year and one that looked to be risky for the promising Nakatani (21-0, 16 KO). Magramo (24-2, 20 KO) was right behind him in both the Ring and BoxRec flyweight top 10s and had proven his ability to compete at the highest level in a narrow loss to Muhammad Waseem. Instead, Nakatani simply dominated, constantly punishing Magramo’s body, catching him coming in from range, and out-slugging him at point-blank when Magramo tried to force a phone booth fight.

Magramo fought bravely, but a brutal looping left and subsequent assault sent him to the ground in the 8th, and while he made it to his feet, the referee waved things off. You can watch the whole fight here, at least for the time being. Shout-out to polishgenius for the link.

Nakatani really looks like something special; his movement, power, timing, and mean streak are all eye-catching. I can’t wait to see more of this young man, ideally against the likes of fellow champions Julio Cesar Martinez, Artem Dalakian, and Moruti Mthalane.

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