Dulay vs Magdaleno FULL FIGHT: February 15, 2020 – PBC on FOX

Former world title challenger Diego Magdaleno (32-3, 13 KOs) may have resurrected his career, upsetting the hometown guy, 24-year-old fellow southpaw lightweight Austin Dulay.

Magdaleno scored a 10-round unanimous decision over Nashville native Dulay (13-2, 10 KOs).

It had been two years since Magdaleno last won. Judges Mike Fitzgerald (96-92), David Hudson (96-92) and Benoit Roussel (97-91) broke that rut by awarding Magdaleno for his relentless body attack.

“I knew mentally I could break him down,” Magdaleno said. “If I attacked the body, I knew I could break him down. He’s a young prospect. He’s taller than me so my plan of attack was to get in close and go to the body.

“Experience has everything going for me. In my previous fight, I lost my head. This time I took my time. My camp said slow it down. Happy for the victory tonight.”

Dulay used his quickness to tag the 33-year-old Magdaleno early on. In the second, he nailed Magdaleno with a straight left that stirred a few oohs and aahs. Dulay closed the round with a good left-right combination.

Magdaleno came alive in the fourth, landing a right hook and pressing Dulay. He continued to attack in the fifth, bouncing a four-punch combination off Dulay and gaining confidence.

With :01 left in the round, referee Jack Reiss stopped the fight after Magdaleno looked like he landed a low blow. Reiss warned him to keep his punches up, or he would be forced to take a point away, as Dulay was in the opposite corner recovering.

By the sixth, Magdaleno was in charge, throwing and landing more. Then with 2:10 left in the seventh, Magdaleno dropped Dulay with a counter left to the solar plexus. Magdaleno tried forcing the action, with sporadic interruptions from Reiss, who was cautioning him about keeping his shots up. About a minute later, Reiss got tired of Magdaleno’s low shots and took a point from Magdaleno when he dropped Dulay on a low blow.

Still, Magdaleno remained the busier fighter, pounding Dulay, particularly to the ribcage. In the last 20 seconds of the 10th, another body shot appeared to hurt Dulay.

Afterward, Dulay was in disbelief.

“I absolutely won the fight,” Dulay said. “Every round he was hitting me low and, in the back, and on the hips. It was more times than he got called for. I won that fight 100%.

“I boxed the hell out of him every round, making him miss, catching shots, countering. Yeah, he hit me with a few good body shots. That doesn’t replace the heavy shots that I hit him with every single round for 10 rounds straight. That is madness. And it was a unanimous decision? That’s crazy. That’s unbelievable to me.

“Even Diego just told me that he had nothing to do with the decision. He knows. How can they do that to me in my hometown? That’s dirty man.”

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