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Floyd Mayweather how to box
In his ultimate tutorial Tony Jeffries demonstrates how to box

EVERR wondered how Floyd Mayweather has great reactions? How Manny Pacquiao gets so much speed in his punches? How Tyson Fury can move his feet the way he does?

Well, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks creating a video to show you every aspect of boxing technique so you can learn and get a great understanding of how to do it.

On this video below I teach you everything: 

  • The different boxing Stances 
  • Switching stances 
  • Movement 
  • ALL the punches 
  • ALL the body punching
  • Combo punching
  • Counter-punches
  • How  to punch harder and faster
  • ALL defences
  • How to pivot
  • The best way to breathe
  • How to move
  • Head movement
  • Feinting punches 
  • Wrapping hands 

Boxing is a very complicated thing to learn. That’s why when we see the successful fighters who I named above, as well as so many more around the world, we have so much respect for them.

Check out the video here:

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