The Treacherous Trilogy: Starring Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury (Part III – Redemption)


Posted on 10/08/2021

By: Kirk Jackson

This weekend, Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO’s) faces “The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO’s), in what looks to be the final heavyweight contest between the two, for the WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles.

Although, more is at stake than just world titles.

“I don’t have anything to prove. I’m in a great place and in a great state of mind. I have a lot of great people around me. This fight is about redemption, retaliation, and retribution.”

“Many people thought I was down and out, but it wouldn’t be fair to the people around me to feel that way. My dedication has been focused every day. My energy is like my mind, it’s very violent. I’m just ready to go October 9. I’ve dedicated myself and devoted my time and my body, me and my team, to reinventing myself. I’m ready to reintroduce myself to the world.” 

– Deontay Wilder

Billed as Once and For All, this event, alleges to be the final chapter between the parties. 

“Wilder is a weak person mentally and I’m going to knock him out on Saturday night. I obliterated him in the rematch and I see much more of the same in the third fight.” 

“I’m the last man standing between me, Deontay and Anthony Joshua. I’m the last one undefeated. I’m the two-time heavyweight champion and I’ve never lost a fight. That’s history. He’s in denial and he’s getting knocked out. His legacy is in bits. I knocked him out and now I’m going to retire him.”

– Tyson Fury

This trilogy is quite unique, with the various aspects attached to the storylines surrounding each participant. Whether it’s the trainer, the fighter, promoter, or reporters involved.

With the event that is the fight, there are elements of international pageantry, genuine levels of dislike between the two combatants, along with a mixture of other factors, that make for an exciting weekend and potentially historic occurrence. 

One of the biggest questions looming over this encounter, is what has changed from the second bout to this upcoming engagement?

What kind of changes will we see from Fury and perhaps more importantly, what kind of changes will we see from Wilder? 

Wilder is slightly older and widely considered by most boxing pundits, to be at a technical disadvantage. 

But his technical deficiencies, as many like to claim, especially those of the Fury fanbase, are exaggerated. Fury’s fanbase is mentioned because they do him a disservice by minimizing the skillset and accomplishments of his most noteworthy adversary. 

Something to keep in mind, for fans and reporters alike, the more they diminish the skills and greatness of Wilder, the more it takes away from Fury’s accomplishments. 

For those standing firm behind the assessment of Wilder cannot fight and is unskilled, this is the very same fighter, who dropped Fury twice during their first encounter. This fighter is an Olympic medalist and earned the praise of legendary trainer Emanuel Steward, uncle of Fury’s current trainer, SugarHillSteward.

Fury’s victory over Wilder is his most celebrated to date and launched him into cross-over, star status. In essence, Wilder helped resurrect Fury’s career. 

Fury’s own father oftentimes, expressed concern for his son’s well-being while facing Wilder; due to the dangers of that vaunted right hand from The Bronze Bomber.

“Tyson Fury is very conscious of Deontay’s abilities. We’re just concentrating on being sharp and being focused. There’s always more to learn in boxing and Tyson is learning and having fun with it.” 

“It’s exciting to be here. I believe in what the Wilder camp has been working on. I’ve looked at the clips. It gets me motivated to keep working with Tyson. We’re expecting nothing less than a knockout.”

– Head trainer of Tyson Fury, SugarHill Steward 

Wilder’s path to retribution, is configuring the stylistic puzzle of Tyson Fury, implementing the proper game plan, and administering enough punishment to secure victory. 

The question is, how do you overcome an opponent, physically bigger, taller, longer, with tremendous skill and boxing ability? How do you contend with a fighter, who is also willing to get physical, tenacious, and will use any means to ensure he wins?

Keys to Victory for Deontay Wilder:

o The path to victory for Wilder, maybe through the belly of the beast. Easier stated than achieved, but one of the main staples for success will be beating Fury’s body like a drum.

o Move away from the clench and keep head level with Fury’s.

o Stay off the ropes, which prevents the Fury from man repeated grappling.

o Throw with a higher frequency, aim to punch more in combination to keep Fury guessing.

o Establish the jab early, to establish range. Must be consistent with the jab.

o Practice patient hostility. Provide the constant threat of attack, without over-exposing your defense and avoid being comprised for a counter-punch, or clinch.

“I’m a student of the game. Deontay, in my opinion, ruled the heavyweight division just using one or two weapons. Being in training with him, I used to always say that a lot of his skills weren’t being used. He got content knocking people out with one weapon.”

“I went into Deontay’s toolbox and pulled everything out that he did well. I wanted to make sure that we drilled it over and over again. I didn’t teach him anything new. Deontay Wilder can do it all, I just pulled some of those things out of him.”  

“When it comes to working on Deontay’s fundamentals, he has good fundamentals, he just didn’t always use them. I’m just reminding him about tools that he wasn’t using.”

– Head trainer of Deontay Wilder, Malik Scott

Keys to Victory for Tyson Fury:

o Be alert and active. Cannot afford to be too relaxed or take Wilder lightly.

o Counter Wilder’s jab. 

o Make Wilder reset, back Wilder up. Fury would benefit from pressing Wilder at certain points, utilizing his footwork and size to push Wilder against the ropes, negating his punching power.

o Invest in attacking Wilder’s body, to drain the energy and power.

o Grapple, hold, fight dirty like the previous encounter.

o Adaptability is the greatest asset. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, but it’s imperative to adapt, change strategy, and implement tactics when prompted.

Not settling for ordinary and chasing greatness, both fighters operate on the same beat.

If the Bronze Bomber is to reclaim his crown, he must overcome all odds. He is the underdog, he has been left for dead, many fans, analysts/reporters, boxing legends of the sport, do not speak favorably of him, so he will not be the beneficiary of preferential treatment or support. 

It’s not quite as particular, but he draws parallels to Jack Johnson.

Fury displayed multiple times throughout his career he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Whether it’s against Christian Hammer, Otto Wallin, Steve Cunningham, Wladimir Klitschko, Wilder himself, Fury will do whatever he can, to win. It’s second nature to him.

When that kind of person is your opponent, at the very least, you must match that energy and will, if not surpass it. Eye for an eye. 

As it’s well documented, Fury, who handed Wilder his first professional defeat, overcame his own adversities and is living his redemption story. Fury wants to maintain his spot as the king of the hill. That current path does not include any pit stops.

If Wilder wants to re-create his redemption story, forge his path to becoming the greatest of all time, or the best of his era, he must go through Fury. Generally speaking, excuses may be valid, but greatness does not settle and accept excuses. 

Their first encounter featured the narrative of Fury and his comeback. The sequel continued that story arch and highlighted Fury’s pinnacle achievement. 

The third fight may feature redemption in a different form. Wilder, aims to pose as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. That is the American dream right, or the storybook ending for Wilder. Or perhaps Fury will prove storybook endings across this platform, in this reality, do not exist.

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