Davis: Romero doesn’t deserve rematch after getting knocked out like that


Gervonta Davis took care of business on Saturday, stopping Rolando Romero in the sixth round to remain undefeated in a Showtime PPV main event.

Despite Romero (14-1, 12 KO) claiming that he “exposed” Davis and won “all six rounds” of the fight, demanding a rematch, Davis (27-0, 25 KO) said in his post-fight press conference that he doesn’t feel Rolly deserves a rematch after the way the fight ended.

He did admit readily that Romero has real power, but also doesn’t feel his opponent was any better than expected.

More quotes from the presser:

On the knockout shot

“Through six rounds, I was just trying to figure him out, catch his range and see how hard he hits. I knew he was going to run into something. His focus was to throw everything hard, so he tried to throw his brick hand, I think, and I just moved out of the way and caught him running in.”

On Romero’s power

“He’s definitely got power. He’s got power.”

On displaying patience in the fight

“Even when we weighed in, I knew I could out-think him easily. I knew I was going to out-box him, but I thought I was gonna — not knock him out, but wind up stopping him in the late rounds. He ran into the shot.”

On Romero saying he won all the rounds

“Hey … I don’t know, man. Shout out to him.”

On whether Romero was difficult for him

“No. I think I need to start warming up, though, before the fight, so I can already be warm when I get into the fight. I went in a little cold. We were working out, but I think I need to, like, do some jump-rope or something, because I had to warm myself up before I could actually get in the groove.”

On letting Romero’s aggression work against him

“I knew he was strong off the first punch he threw. And like he said, I do start slow. He caught me with a shot and I was, like, ‘Yeah, I gotta stay out of the way.’ But I knew down the line I was going to break him down, just off the way he was fighting and his footwork.”

On whether or not he hurt his hand

“I didn’t hurt my hand one time this fight. Not one time.”

On whether Romero is better than expected


On whether he would consider a rematch

“I don’t think people deserve a rematch if they get knocked out like that. I’m not trying to be funny. If it was a good fight leading up to the knockout, like in the ninth round or the 10th round, and somebody caught him with a good shot. But I was winning on the score cards, I believe. I started warming up as the fight was going on. I don’t think we need a rematch, but I’m all ears if anybody else wants to fight me at 135. I feel comfortable at 135.”

On whether it was a personal win for him

“It wasn’t personal for me. It was fun. At first I took it personal, but it’s part of the sport of boxing. I realized that and that’s what I started having fun with it. I wasn’t taking it so personal. If you see the (recent) press conferences, I was always laughing. He was the serious one when we were face-to-face and stuff like that.”

On when he thought he had Romero figured out

“I was figuring him out through the rounds. I felt I was going to eventually break him down, so that was my main goal, make him chase me around a little bit, start picking shots, going to the body. But I knew when I started faking him out with my eyes, that’s when I knew I had him. The shot I threw wasn’t really hard. It wasn’t my hardest punch I could’ve thrown. It was just right on the money, I caught him coming in.”

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