Bill Haney: We don’t mind rematch, Devin beats Kambosos 10 times out of 10


Immediately following Devin Haney’s undisputed lightweight title win over George Kambosos in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend, trainer Bill Haney spoke with Fight Hub TV about how everything came together for their team when it counted most.

On how it felt to get his visa cleared at the last minute

“I went to the rest room and I came back out and I said, ‘Was I just dreaming or what?’ So I had to look back at my phone — it was surreal. I started looking for flights and I got right here.”

On his son’s performance to become undisputed

“I’m always proud of Devin, but as a trainer today, it’s gratifying for him to just get to this level. We know that (Devin) has one of the best jabs in boxing, if not the best jab in boxing, and we wanted to show the world. It’s a lost art with throwing the jab and Devin is a throwback fighter. We’ve had a lot of great mentors and they all taught us the game starts with a jab and ends with a jab.”

On a rematch with Kambosos considering he has a contractual obligation

“Did you just see that?! Did you just see that?! How many times — listen, 10 out of 10 times, he’s gonna beat him 10 out of 10 times. It don’t matter, it’s up to (Devin), he’s the boss. But I picked (Kambosos) as No. 28 and I’d pick him as No. 29.”

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