Daily Bread Mailbag: Devin Haney, Naoya Inoue, Spence-Crawford, More

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The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as Devin Haney’s big win over George Kambosos, Naoyo Inoue’s destruction of Nonito Donaire, Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford, and more.

A unification fight that decides an undisputed championship is supposed to be the crème de la crème championship fight in boxing. That’s exactly what I would expect most long term fans to tell beginners who just started watching the sport. But does it really matter as much as we say it does? It seems like recent fights that unify all the titles don’t carry as much weight as they used too. The two most recent examples, Kambosas-Haney and Charlo-Castano, didn’t seem to be the crème de la crème title fights in boxing. They seemed like fights between two unproven guys trying to show they belong in the conversation. I don’t know if Haney would beat Lomachenko or Davis. I get that he has all four titles. But that match up didn’t decide who was the best in that weight class at all. It didn’t decide where Haney should be on the pound for pound list. It didn’t prove Haney will be amazing when he puts on more weight. It proved Haney is worth keeping an eye on. That’s all. It was a glorified ShoBox fight in comparison to the undisputed fights of yesteryear. The same pretty much goes for Charlo at 154.154 is a completely flawed division. Charlo has wins over a bunch of guys that fight to draws and losses with everyone. He’s 1-1 against Tony Harrison, a guy who can lose on any night to any of the other guys in that division. Fundora and Tszyu could totally be the best guys in that division. Harrison could be the best guy in that division. Danny Garcia moved up and could be the best guy in that division.

Charlo’s worth keeping an eye on, but that title win didn’t prove he’s the best, didn’t put him on a pound for pound list or prove that he wouldn’t disappear at 160.I could go on and on with the four belt championship fights and I will. What did Josh Taylor becoming undisputed prove? He deserved to lose it to someone the sanctioning bodies previously overlooked in his very next fight. I don’t even trust the IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO to do the right thing. Why would I trust their views on a champion? Maybe Jack Catterall should have been in all their stupid title eliminators. Taylor became a guy worth keeping an eye on and nothing more when he won those titles. What did Terence Crawford becoming undisputed against Julius Indongo prove? It seems like that was his one of the more meaningless championship fights of Crawford’s career. That fight meant “Keep an eye on this guy at welterweight, he destroyed everyone at 140” and nothing more. Would you really show someone Usyk-Gassiev and say that’s the one that made Usyk who he is? He was in the recently formed heavyweight practice division fighting against a guy hardcore boxing fans have to Google. All that fight equated too was “Watch out for Usyk at heavyweight.”

And while I can’t use the same analogy on Alvarez-Plant, since Alvarez was established, it’s clear that fight also didn’t live up to the hype of undisputed fights of yesteryear. The Plant fight isn’t exactly the crowning moment for Canelo Alvarez. It’s awesome that he got all four belts but that fight isn’t meaningful at all outside of that fact. His career would be considered exactly the same way if he skipped Plant all together. I just named every unification fight that decided a four belt undisputed champion outside of Hopkins-De La Hoya. Not surprisingly, that fight was made by fighters from the three belt era. I miss that era because I didn’t feel promoted at. Everyone just fought everyone. Right now the idea these undisputed fights are the best fights out there just isn’t true. Please tell me I’m right. Thank you and I appreciate your column greatly!

Bread’s Response: You’re not completely WRONG but you’re definitely not completely right. You’re an idealist and you want unification fights for the all 4 belts to be the 2 best fighters in the division and a Super Fight. In essence I would like for you to be correct, but your idealism won’t be present every single time. 

George Kambosos upset Teofimo Lopez. He had a great night and he deserved the belts he won. But bigger and better fights with Haney would most likely be vs Garcia, Lomachenko and Davis. Well that’s not Kambosos’s fault. He won the titles and defended them against a really good fighter in his 1st defense. It may not have been the biggest match up at 135lbs possible, but it was big enough.

At 154lbs most of the top guys have taken losses because they all have been forced to fight each other and only an ATG fighter would come out of that gauntlet with no losses. Just like when the excellent 115lbs fighters were made to fight each other they all took losses. Just with the 4 Kings they all took losses. Well all of the top guys at 154 over the last 5 years have been forced to fight each other. And when I say forced I mean it in a good way, So they all took losses. I don’t think it lessens what Jermell Charlo did because the top guys have draws or losses. 

I don’t think you’re being fair. In some cases the unifications are the best fight out there. And in some cases they aren’t. Haney vs Kambosos was not the best fight out there at 135lbs. But if Spence vs Crawford happens, then it will be. In Josh Taylor vs Jose Ramirez it was the best match up that could be made at 140lb and they delivered an excellent fight. You’re over criticizing them to prove a point. Just because Taylor didn’t perform at his usual level vs Catterrall that doesn’t mean that Taylor vs Ramirez wasn’t a worthy unification match up. You sort of want these unification fights to be Super Fights. They won’t be in each case. I think we should just give the fighters props for making the fights and judge each on a case by case basis. 

What up Breadman?

Haney showed boxing fans how to show discipline in the “craft”. The kid is a modern day lighter punching Sugar Ray Leonard with the polished poised mannerisms. They called him a “boy”. He just took it on the chin and punished Kambosos with a superb jab. The sweet science! I was enjoying the “boxing”. The will to not get suckered in. Leonard Duran 2 in my eyes. He was on hostile territory and our pointed the fav fighter . He and Loma would be great and I feel Arum thinks Loma can snack on Haney but today’s Sugar Ray Haney has layers to his game. I see Shakur and Haney going undefeated if they are matched right. As much as I was a Money May hater (I was a Pretty Boy fanatic) I respect Floyd Money May more now. Haney will retire with his brain intact . We fans want to see fighters out on a stretcher like those tough MMA fighters whom I got mad respect for. Fighting in all forms is a science whether jujitsu or Thai boxing. Let’s respect King Haney for his boxing IQ. Sweet Pea smiled yesterday seeing his style used in 2022. Haney also has that dog in him. If they rematch he lays Kambosos out cold. He all ready stored the information in the mental computer. You could see Haney thinking and adjusting in there last night. Loma and Haney would be a great fight . 50/50 fight but does Loma really want that smoke? Has Loma ever fought a long rangy boxer with a high IQ? So many people think Loma will wash Devan. Let’s see if Loma wants that work. He franchised last time and side stepped the “King”. Davis and Haney would be another 50/50 fight with the power of Davis Vs. The skill of Haney. Let’s see how many fighters really want that “fade”..Respectfully,Michael Blount

Bread’s Response: Devin Haney really performed when he had to. His performance should be a candidate for POY. He performed so well I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on Kambosos’s team gets fired. That’s what usually happens when a fighter gets outclassed even if it’s not anyone’s fault. 

I thought Haney won 10-12 rounds. I thought he showed his talent and his composure. He was hit with a nice right hand on the chin. He held his self together and he kept it going. I felt like before this fight Haney was trying to shut up his critics about not being able to punch. He punches hard enough to get fighters to respect him. That’s all he needs. He didn’t load up in this fight. He didn’t give Kambosos a chance to hit him with something big. He minimized his danger and he boxed well. A fighter like Haney has to box his way to kos. And I’m glad he realized it. He’s going to be hard to beat in the form he showed vs Kambosos.

Haney vs Loma is a 50/50 fight. Loma doesn’t have the range but he has the feet. The question is, will he have the energy to close the distance vs Haney. Haney will be able to fight a more energy efficient fight vs Loma and rarely have we seen fighters Loma age has fight a max energy fight, win. Duran has some big wins in his 30s but his last great win over Iran Barkley was a fight where Barkley was being the aggressor. So Duran could sit in the pocket. Loma will have to use his feet and attack Haney and it won’t be easy. 

I actually think Haney is a tough match up for Tank Davis. Davis may have more layers to his game. He may be better all around. But head to head, Haney scores a lot of points and Davis does not win rounds at the rate Haney does. Davis won’t be able to lay back and just wait on a counter shot vs Haney. Davis would have to attack. I would be curious to see when Davis would step on it. Would he wait, or would go for it from the opening bell? After Haney’s most recent performance, Haney vs Davis just got closer.

Brother Bread!

Hope all is good with you and yours. I’m always happy when you share the sporting successes of your seeds with us on Twitter. Props to them and you for the hard work. Now, maybe I’m just in a euphoric haze after the Inoue/Nonaire fight this morning, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy as a boxing fan in my life with the fights that we’ve been getting over the past year or so. I know I usually write in to complain about some wrong in the sport, but when boxing gets it right it’s the best sport in the world, by far. Just over this past year, we’ve finally started seeing the type of unification fights that we’ve been begging for for years, culminating in undisputed champions at 135, 140, 154, 168, and it looks like we will finally get the elusive Crawford/Spence fight for all the marbles later in the year (fingers crossed). I don’t even wanna allow myself to think of a possible undisputed champion at heavyweight.

And we’ve seen women’s boxing come of age with legitimate stars like Claressa Shields, Mikaela Mayer, Alycia Baumgardner, Franchon Crews-Dezurn, & Seniesta Estrada, culminating in the greatest women’s boxing event of all-time featuring two of the GOATS in Amanda Serrano & Katie Taylor. They’re literally in the golden age of their sport. And it’s only JuneI just wanna know am I just seeing things through rose-colored glasses? Are you noticing some thawing in the type of “cold wars” that kept great boxing matches from getting made for years, too?If so, what do you think happened that is allowing us to finally start getting the fights we wanted at a higher clip?Also, what’s your favorite boxing year and how do you think it compares with this time we’re living in now? Much love & respect, brother

Bread’s Response: The thing we need next in boxing is the fighter who wins 4 belts, to not vacate them. But defend them against all comers for a few years creating a REAL #1 contender like Mugabi was to Hagler, Bowe was to Holyfield and Taylor was to Hopkins. Could you imagine if the winner of Spence vs Crawford was set to defend the lineal, ring and all belts vs Boots next year? My goodness!

Women’s boxing is in a Golden Era. I’m very happy for the ladies. 20 years from now Katie Taylor and Amando Serrano will be known as the ladies who uplifted the sport. That fight delivered in a big way.

Things are thawing out because opponents within the stables are running out. Very simple.

Assalaam alaykum Mr Edwards,

The Monster made an unbelievable statement early this morning. That was some trauma in Saitama for Nonito Donaire. Hats off to both men for a willingness to fight the best. Another tip of the hat to the Filipino Flash for being an absolute GUN. Donaire deserves to get into the HOF on his first ballot, he’s incredible and (I agree with you) all all-time-great at the lower weights. It really puts three careers into perspective: Donaire should receive nothing but respect for everything he’s done for boxing, not the least of which is being such an amazing advocate for a better, cleaner sport. Inoue is already one of the best to ever glove up at bantamweight already and he’s only 29. He regained every bit of the momentum that he seemed to lose during covid and I have him back at pound for pound number one. If he’s not your number one, would you agree that he’s clearly the absolute best puncher in the sport? The final career that gets put into perspective at this stage is Guillermo Rigondeaux. Obviously 122 was not Donaire’s best weight, but Rigo still beat him convincingly in his absolute prime. Do you think Donaire’s full career arc puts Rigo any closer to serious HOF consideration? What’s your assessment of the fight? What’s your take on the POWER of the Monster?Peace, Bread. Thank you for everything you do for the sport. I hope you and yours are well and that everything in your home and place is wonderful.

Salaams, John

Bread’s Response: The Monster was a monster. I’ve always said if he were a 147lbs then he would be #1 P4P. But because of his lack of known opponents he gets discredited. I believe he’s among the top 3 fighters in the world. The fight was between 2 violent men looking to land their kill shots. But Inoue is a little sharper. Younger. More compact with his punches and his reaction time is faster. I thought Inoue was awesome. 

I know Nonito was in shape and riding high. He also landed some nice shots in the 1st round. But Inoue’s ability to focus and stay on point on the target with his power shots is rare. He’s a soul taking finisher. I was very impressed.

I think Rigo should be considered in the HOF. The media just does not like him as a fighter. It’s that simple. 

The Power of the Monster is incredible. But his ability to land his best shots on a consistent basis to the head and body make him in my opinion, boxing’s best puncher.


Do not be sad today. Its life. Have a good day. Your daughter is very good. Saw your twitter with her race. Leading time in the us I believe. Also feels that she finished so well that a 800 meter race could be in her future.

Take care, Rich Mathews

Bread’s Response: Thank you. You know me well. I am sad Nonito was kod badly. I don’t like seeing that happen to my favorite fighters but you said it, it’s life.

What’s up Bread?

Hope all is well.  What did you think of Devin Haney’s performance? I sent you my last minute prediction on IG and I couldn’t understand why some people were picking Kambosos based on his win over Teofimo Lopez. My thoughts were that Lopez gave Kambosos opportunities by fighting angry and that Haney would do the opposite.  In closing, my question is this: Conventional wisdom says to make it a dogfight against Devin Haney yet it’s obviously easier said than done.  Why do you think that is? Critics will say that Haney is a pillow-fisted runner yet I saw him box in tight circles while taming the “Spartan Warrior” Kambosos.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Peace, William in West Palm 

Bread’s Response: I thought Haney looked terrific. He put on a virtuoso performance. I think he discouraged Kambosos with his skill. Superior skill can be discouraging. Haney didn’t run he boxed. It was Kambosos job to change the tune of the fight and he Haney didn’t allow him to.

Hey Breadman,

Big fan of your column.. Just a few questions/comments. Respond to as many or as little as you like.1. Your favorite all time mythical match up if u had to pick one?  An intriguing one to me that never gets mentioned is SRR vs Jones Jr at middleweight or perhaps super middleweight? 2.  When comparing the greats from different eras or in general is there one criteria you prefer above all else? I know the whole body of work needs to be examined and all the variables, but curious what emphasis u put on who “reached the highest peak”?3. Do u feel canelo is at a crossroads in his career? I ask because it’s unclear if he can beat the elite fighters around his weight class and if he can’t beat them or won’t face them, where does he go after ggg? Maybe the charlo brothers (not guaranteed wins but name recognition, good on resume and decent risk/reward ratio)? 4. Is it a stretch to suggest the Spene/crawford winner (assuming the fight gets made) could be perhaps the greatest welterweight (not p4p rankings) since ray leonard or since 1990/last 30 years?   I ask since whitaker was a smaller guy and much of his greatness was below welterweight (Like pacquiao). De la Hoya and Trinidad in my opinion were best at 154. Was a big cotto and shane mosley fan, not sure either beat Spence/crawford (but maybe, shane).  And floyd, despite his greatness and p4p status, established some of his legacy prior to welterweight and some would say he got guys on the way up or down at 147 and forced guys at 140 to move up?  And who do u like in that fight? Feel like Spence has outgrown the welterweight division.  Could/Should he try to negotiate a catchweight 150/51 for a competitive advantage (not that he can’t or wont win at 147)

Best, Eric

Bread’s Response:1. I love SRR vs Roy Jones but I think Jones is a much bigger fighter. Robinson started his career at 135lbs in the same day weigh in era. Jones started a tweener between 154-160. I just think Jones is a lot bigger and I can think of more match ups where the fighters are closer in natural size. The match up I love is Sugar Ray Robinson vs Sugar Ray Leonard. I also love Aaron Pryor vs Floyd Mayweather. But honestly there are so many I don’t have room to name.

2. Highest peak is actually my biggest factor. I even take it over longevity if I feel the peak was high enough vs Great fighters.

3. Canelo is at a cross roads. He’s rich beyond his biggest imagination. And he just lost. No fighter wants to lose 2 fights in a row. Canelo can’t afford to lose to a 40 yr old GGG and with the type of money he’s made, training is not as easy as some would think.

4. The Crawford vs Spence winner will be considered an ATG fighter. But I’m not sure I agree if they will be the best welterweight since 1990 or since Ray Leonard. It’s a lot to examine but Donald Curry was just as good as both in terms of eye ball. Felix Trinidad had 15 title defense. Oscar De La Hoya was a great fighter at 147 and so was Shane Mosley. Pernell Whitaker had just as many title defenses at 147 and he did at 135 and he was champion longer. So Whitaker was a great welterweight. Mayweather and Pacquiao were both great welterweights and had performances at welterweight that were as good as anything I ever saw from Crawford and Spence. Both Pacman and Mayweather had long runs at welterweight at the top level. Longer than both Spence and Crawford. So I don’t dismiss them as great welterweights. 

Let’s just let Crawford and Spence live in their era and let’s see how either looks winning the fight. They haven’t fought yet. There is also a kid named Boots Ennis who would be a big challenge to both and he’s currently active in their era now. 


Haney made this unification fight look “easy”, as it was very one-sided. From round 1 on, Haney worked very well behind his jab.  At times it seemed like Kambosos’s game plan, or lack there of, was to box the boxer. My question is was it due to the jab of Haney? Tim Bradley pointed out in a later round that he wasn’t sure what Kambosos’s plan was and it made me wonder if his plan went out the window in the first round or two after Haney really got the jab working. Where do you rank Haney’s jab out of all active boxers? Amazing to see in the biggest fight of his life, he was able to stay calm in a hostile environment and stick to HIS game plan. Where does Haney go from here? If it’s a rematch, which I hope it isn’t  (like most I’d imagine), who’s his next big fight? He will probably take a lighter touch next go around but hope he keeps going after the top guns of the division. I’d love to see the boxing wizardry of Haney vs Tank/Loma. Thanks Bread, hope all is well in PA!

Mark Stoy

Columbus Ohio 

Bread’s Response: Naazim Richardson once told me that sometimes when you have a well rounded fighter, your choice of what style to fight can be difficult because you have to choose which style. But when you have a once dimensional  fighter choosing which style is easier because you don’t have much of a choice. I feel like this was an issue for Kambosos. Kambosos is a quick handed, technician. He’s not really a pressure fighter. He’s not a pure boxer. So he fights Haney and he doesn’t seem to know HOW to fight Haney. 

I think he thought he could catch Haney with some big shots, while not trying to run him over like a truck. As far as game plans go. We don’t know which game plan works best until a fighter tries to use it. Kambosos had a right to try to win in his most comfortable style. But when it didn’t work…..

I won’t be critical of Kambosos gameplan. Haney is the better fighter and I expected him to win by decision. But what I didn’t like was that Kambosos seemed a little cocky before the fight. He missed weight and claimed he did it in purpose. No fighter wants to wait to eat and drink after a weigh in. 

Kambosos was trying to be “too smart” instead of just being honest and humble. I wasn’t there but my assumption is Kambosos’s scale was not calibrated correctly. It was probably a ½ pound off and Kambosos didn’t know it. It happens. It’s actually a common mistake. But when you insult the intelligence of the people who know better, it shows his big victory probably allowed his ego to get a little big.

I’m sure Kambosos is nice man. I wish him the best. But when I heard his comment about missing weight, I knew he was stubborn. And the boxing ring is a truth machine. The same stubbornness he showed in his excuse after missing weight. Was the stubbornness he showed when he thought he could outbox Devin Haney. Let’s see if Kambosos adjust in the rematch.

Haney has a case for the best jab in boxing. Let’s see who else in no order. Caleb Plant, Devin Haney, Canelo Alvarez, Jermall & Jermell Charlo, Errol Spence, Shakur Stevenson, Tony Harrison and GGG all have great jabs.

Ssup Bread,

From the moment I started following boxing, I have heard about the ‘rock, paper, scissor’ theory. As per this theory, the swarmer beats outfighter, outfighter beats the slugger and the slugger beats the swarmer. At the same time, I have heard legends like Jim Lampley say that the outfighter normally beats the puncher. Here they are not making any difference between slugger and the swarmer. While my instincts tell me to believe the ‘rock, paper scissor’ theory, I can’t ignore what I have seen in my lifetime. As someone born in 1984, I have seen a legendary swarmer like Duran defeated by an equally good P4P / ATG level fighter in Leonard. I am not counting Benitez fight as Duran was in bad state of mind back then. I know, Duran defeated brilliant outfighters in his career but if we talk about a real P4P / ATG level talent like him, he lost his Super Bowl. When Leonard decided to not engage and outfight him, he beat him. Same goes for Chavez vs Whitaker. Two ATG / P4P level generational talents fought and the outfighter beat the swarmer. Spinks beat Qawi, Leonard beat Hagler and Buster Douglas was able to beat a prime Tyson. I guess, this is why people like Jim Lampley feel the way they do. Was the rock, paper, scissor theory never valid? Has the standard of pressure fighting gone down since the late 70s and hence the rock, paper, scissor theory is not so valid anymore? Please state your opinion on the matter.

Bread’s Response: What you’re stating is true but I think you’re making it too literal. There will be cases where the big puncher can’t beat the swarmer. Pryor vs Arguello. There will be cases where the swarmer can’t beat the boxer. You just named enough. There will more cases where the swarmer can beat the big puncher. Hagler swarmed Hearns to beat him. 

This is a sport where human beings are fighting and sometimes a fighter who’s style may not be viewed as possible to beat you, still can beat you. Michael Nunn has the style to beat James Toney. Nunn is a tall , busy boxing southpaw and Toney is shoulder roll counter puncher. Yet Toney was not only able to beat Nunn but ko him. It’s one of the greatest wins of the 90s not only because Nunn was 34-0 but because Toney overcame a tough style match up. That match up is why I don’t assume Joe Calzaghe would beat James Toney in a hypothetical match up.

You also have to factor in tangible qualities. Whitaker and Leonard’s stamina is just as good as Chavez and Duran’s. So often times the swarmer takes over as the boxer starts to tire. But in those cases Whitaker and Leonard don’t tire easy. So again I do think Rock, Paper, Scissors apply but it’s far from exact and exceptional fighters can pull off victories over tough styles.

How’s it going boss? I’m a Maryland fan of yours. Real quick I was a wrestler into college then military. Im really into combat sports and your mailbag is one of my favorites. I mentioned that because I do like a blend of styles but I wholly respect boxing and watch as much as possible. Last week you wrote about people taking your thoughts and running with them. That’s terrible but a mma podcast I listen to did give you a shout out and it wasn’t  the first time I heard your name on “morning Kombat “ anyway so my questions are.. do you see a similarity with inoue’s ko of donaire and crawford’s short shot on brook? They were killer shots. I think the monster’s was shorter. And would that be a shot that donaire maybe  planned to eat while giving his own? Months ago you said a favorite punch you remember was when donaire went hook for hook montiel and took him out. Or it was just a punch je didn’t see maybe?  Hope my thoughts are understood and you have a great one 

Bread’s Response: Thanks. I honestly think Crawford and Inoue’s shots were totally different. Crawford threw a hybrid hook that turned in a jab at the last moment as Brook was jabbing. Inoue dropped Donaire with a nice right hand shot before Nonito could counter. Then hurt him again with a big left hook on the top of his head. They just seemed different from my view point.

The punch Donaire hit Montiel with is still one of the greatest punches I have ever seen. Maybe the best of my lifetime. Montiel not only didn’t see it but he wasn’t expecting it.

Oscar de La Hoya just recently came out and blamed Jermall Charlo for the Jaime Munguia not happening. Big Charlo does seem to need a big fight. I don’t get why that fight didn’t happen. Do you think it’s next and who would you favor?

Bread’s Response: De La Hoya is Munguia’s promoter so that’s what he’s supposed to say. I don’t know who’s fault it was on why the fight didn’t happen. But I do know two things…

One is Jermall Charlo is the champion. So therefore in this case he’s the A side and he has more say. The challenger has to be flexible and willing to compromise unless he’s a Super Star. Munguia is not a superstar. 

Two is, Jaime Munguia keeps fighting non title fights. He moved up from 154 about 3 years ago and he could’ve had a title shot at 160 long ago. Jermall Charlo is not the only champion at 160. GGG and Demtrius Andrade are on DAZN. If they wanted a title shot for Munguia they could’ve had one by now. Munguia is not being ducked in an overall sense. Fighters would fight him because he’s marketable and he has a great record. He’s also not superman although I think he’s improved and he’s a good fighter. He would be the underdog in all of the fights I named. 

Munguia just turned down a title shot vs Janibek. So if a title shot he wanted. A title shot he could have had. I think Charlo vs Munguia is really competitive because Munguia is being allowed to improve and win fights and stay busy. Most fighters are not so privileged when they are at the top level. Munguia is also younger and more active than Charlo who hasn’t fought since last summer. So those are factors. I would favor Charlo to win because I believe he’s just better. But I think it would be competitive. Say Charlo by decision maybe 116-112 or 115-113 in a high contact good fight.

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