Fury “100%” to fight again, says Joshua needs his help to beat Usyk


Tyson Fury teased an upcoming big announcement with Frank Warren during their appearance together on Queensberry Promotions “The Lowdown” YouTube show.

Fury says he will “100%” return to the ring for the right price, and that Anthony Joshua needs his help training to beat Oleksandr Usyk, or else Joshua “gets stopped inside eight rounds.”

The whole show is a fun, lively little chat. It runs just over 30 minutes, and you can watch it all via the embedded video below. Fury holds court throughout via telephone video call from a barbershop chair while getting a haircut and a shave.

For anyone unable to watch the whole thing, here are a few notable quotes about Fury’s most recent fight, and what the future may hold for him.


“He got what he wanted. I don’t think it went the way he thought it would go, or his team. But that’s just tough luck for them. He called out the big G.K [Gypsy King]. He called me a coward, he called me this, he called me that. And he got what was coming. And I couldn’t have done it any better if I’d thought about it at home while playing the Playstation. It couldn’t have went any better. He got absolutely outboxed and then carried out of the ring.

[…] “There’s no disrespect from me to Dillian Whyte. Man’s gonna do his best in there. And I’m sure he did his best. Y’know, the thing is with boxing is people only remember you from your last fight. You’re only as good as your last fight. With Dillian, he goes in there, gives it his all. Not good enough. That ain’t no shame to him. What he should be embarrassed about is them stupid comments before and after. Not his performance. His performance was the best he could do. And if you lose to a better man on the night, there’s nothing bad about that.”


“100%. Like the Jerry Maguire movie said, Frank [Warren], SHOW ME THE MONEY!! SHOW ME THE MONEY, FRANK!!!

[…] If anybody can show me the money— I put a moniker on Frank Warren years ago, and I call him the magic man. Because if he can bring someone back from the absolute dead like he did for me, he must have magic. So, he’s nicknamed the magic man, so the magic man is gonna show us the money. And we’re gonna make something big, big, big happen!”


“Y’know, I train every day, twice a day. I run in the morning, and do weights and boxing at night. That’s not for any specific reason, that’s just to keep me fit and healthy and mentally well.

“I’ve been enjoying my life, y’know. And my way of enjoying my life is doing a lot of training. Run every day, minimum four miles, maximum six. I’m boxing, sparring in the gyms and such. That’s my way of enjoying my life.“


“Unless Anthony Joshua gets his ass up to Morecambe and lets me train him for this fight, Robert Garcia and ten men like him will not make him beat Usyk. Because one, they don’t know him. Two, they don’t know what he’s got in his engine. And three, he’s not a little Mexican who can go toe to toe with someone for fifteen rounds.

“If he gets on Usyk from round one and tries to push and be aggressive, he’ll be gassed out after four rounds. Start hanging on in five, six, and get stopped in seven. But if he comes to Morecambe Bay, and I teach him how to be a real fighting man for twelve rounds, and how to deal with these little middleweight people. Then he will get a win.

“But, other than that, I see him getting beat again. Two in a row baby, and it’s over. But if he wants to resurrect his career? Please come up to the man who’s never lost a fight in his life.”


“To have a style of keep coming forward and put pressure on somebody, when you’re a big man like he is and like I am, you need to have two V12 engines, right? And you need to be able to take punches as well. And you need to have balls like King Kong.

“And none of them three of the above that I just said does he have. He doesn’t have the best engine in the world. He doesn’t have toughness. And he doesn’t have balls like King Kong. Other than that, he’s gotta have the best game plan ever. And to just put on the front foot and attack, it’s impossible for him. Because he doesn’t have the grit, determination, will, he doesn’t have any of the above to do it.

“So, the way I see him doing it if he trains with this man [Robert Garcia] is he might hit him with a big punch, which he didn’t last time, and try to knock him out that way. But honestly, if he goes on that front foot and tries to be aggressive and all that with Usyk? I think he gets stopped inside eight rounds. And I mean that.”


“Me and Frank have got something coming, which we won’t divulge in this interview. But it’s something to be really excited about. But it doesn’t involve Usyk or Joshua at this moment.

“I will make a decision on all this. I’ve only just fought not even three months ago! I wouldn’t be expected to fight until October, November, December anyway. But because I said I’m retiring, everyone is on me.

“[…] I’ve got no mandatories coming up. I took care of two mandatories back to back, Wilder and Whyte. I can have two voluntaries if I want. No one is pushing me to do anything. I’ve got no rush decisions. But when this middleweight knocks out this bodybuilder again, there’s only gonna be one man, isn’t there? To sort this out! This absolute circus out!

“And what I would say is to these people who want this fight is: ‘You’d better have a big checkbook!’ Because, to bring the big G.K. out of retirement for active battle duty, to redeem this country yet again? It’s gonna cost!

“Now, I am a prizefighter, and I do fight for prizes. But it’s gonna cost if you want me to do a mission on this guy, this middleweight. And show you what a real heavyweight does to him. And that’s gonna be expensive. So they’re gonna have to have deep pockets and we can even talk then.

“But not until the fight has happened with Joshua and Usyk first. Because it’s quite pointless. Because if I was ready to go tomorrow, they’re not. They’ve gotta fight each other. So there we are. Until then, the Big Mac is gonna stay in Morecambe.”

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