Social Media Star KSI Knocks Out Two Opponents In One Day


Posted on 08/27/2022

By: Sean Crose

Some fighters want to be seen as the next Mohammad Ali. Others want to be viewed as the next Jake Paul. It seems that British social media star KSI is looking to compete with social media star turned boxer Paul as the sport of boxing’s top novelty act. For Saturday in London, the 2-6 Luis Alcaraz Pineda played Jess Willard to KSI’s Jack Dempsey by simply getting battered by the internet celebrity in front of a pay per view audience. After getting dropped 7 times in 3 rounds the referee fortunately put Pineda’s performance out of its memory.

Of course Pineda was only KSI’s second fight of the day. Playing George Foreman, the 29 year old Brit also took on a hip hopper named Swarmz. Needless to say, Swarmz, a novice boxer who reportedly lost quite a bit of weight for the event, should probably never enter a fight ring again. KSI wiped the floor with him in two, successfully knocking out a last minute replacement opponent who didn’t stand a chance.

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