Wilder: I’ll never be friends with Fury, don’t condone cheating


During this conversation with Fight Hype, Deontay Wilder talks a bit about his upcoming fight against Robert Helenius, developing a close relationship with Luis Ortiz after fighting him twice, and whether or not he and Tyson Fury might ever bury the hatchet to become buddies. As Wilder tells it, don’t hold your breath on him and Fury ever becoming close as he’s still convinced Fury used tampered gloves (at least in their second fight), and that’s an unforgivable act. Check out some of what Wilder had to say below.

Wilder on developing a close bond with former opponent Luis Ortiz and if he could ever have that same bond with Tyson Fury

“Nah. Ever. Because I know the truth behind that. I don’t condone cheating and shit like that. I know, no matter what people say. It’s just like when you have analyst or whatever say ‘if he did have something in his gloves than why did you not go to the authorities?’

“And I wish I was in front of them so I can grab their collar — and I would grab their collar and pull ‘em close to my face so we can be eye-to-eye, face-to-face, so much that my breath touch their face. And I would tell them ‘why the fuck would I go to the authorities when I have an opportunity to release my own energy and put my hands up on him and the possibility of trying to kill him, AND GET PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS DOING IT!”

“Ok, ‘go to the authorities,’ they lock him up, then what’s next? That’s it. A good write-up, okay, we proved our case. Nobody getting fed. What justice has that done? That don’t make no sense. That sounds like somebody that’s non-confrontational, that’s not supposed to be in no combat sports because their mindset ain’t set on combat…that whole theory don’t even make sense to me.

“We are in the hurt business. I can hurt you and get paid doing it, that sounds like a sweet deal to me.”

On if he would have any interest in fighting Tyson Fury for a fourth time

“Most definitely…you know me, I never ducked or dodged anyone. I’m the one who blessed people with all the opportunities. Even when they not my mandatory or they not in line to fight, just because they’re a great fighter, I see the potential it’s gonna be a great fight, I makes it happen.

“One thing about my team, being with Al Haymon and Shelly (Finkel)…we don’t avoid anyone. Who I want, we gonna get. Al don’t hold back his fighters on things. He might give his suggestion on this and that or whatever, but pretty much who we want, we gonna get.”

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