Benavidez says it’s time for his marquee fight, frustrated other big names won’t face him


During a conversation with Fight Hype, David Benavidez talks about the state of his career, specifically regarding his aspirations to secure a big time boxing fight. Benavidez says after being in the professional ranks for nearly a decade at this point, he’s ready for his opportunity on the big stage and says he’s frustrated that some notable dance partners have been giving him the snub. Here’s some of what Benavidez had to say on the subject.

“I feel like if (Canelo’s) not gonna fight me anymore, then what is going on because I have the WBC interim belt,” Benavidez questioned. “There’s rankings for a reason. So I don’t know who’s going to have to figure that out, Canelo’s going to figure that out or the WBC is going to figure that out, but I’ve earned my spot repeatedly. I’ve won two title eliminators, I won an interim title belt. It’s not my fuckin’ fault these guys don’t want to fight me.

“I’m trying to make the fight with Caleb Plant, I’m trying to make the fight with fuckin’ Morrell, Charlo. I thought we were gonna make the fight with Morrell in November, December, now they’re saying he has to take a mandatory — which is fuckin’ bullshit because if they wanted to fight me PBC would’ve made the fight right there. I feel like everybody wins right there.

“It’s a great fight. I’m not saying nothing bad about Morrell, he’s a great fighter, but I feel like I’m the superior fighter. And Charlo, everybody knows what’s fuckin’ going on with Charlo…It’s just a little frustrating because I feel like I get blamed a lot because they feel like I’m the one not making the fight happen but I’m 100% trying to make every fight happen. If it’s not Canelo, not giving me an opportunity, if it’s not Charlo giving me an opportunity or Caleb Plant — it’s just frustrating.

“I’ve been professional now 10 years…I want a fuckin’ big fight. I want a tough fight, where everything is evened out, it’s 50/50. Because I’ve worked with world champions since I was a little kid. I sparred world champions my whole life and I know what type of fighter gets brought out of me when the competition is either the same level as me, or the talent is higher than me — the best out of me comes out. That’s why I’m not scared of no man, I’ll accept any challenge. And these fights, let’s be honest, these fights are all 50/50. Nothing is guaranteed but I want the challenge.

“I feel like the company (PBC). we’re making each other look fuckin’ stupid because nobody is fighting each other and everybody wants to take a fuckin’ tune up, this and that. Caleb Plant is talking all that shit, saying ‘they’re calling me out but they already knew I had a fight signed with Anthony Dirrell’ — that’s fuckin’ bullshit. When I fought May 21st, he did not have no fight lined up. I told him I wanted to fight him, we could’ve made that fight happen. So what is he saying, ‘oh, he only calls me out when I have a fight lined up’? That’s fuckin’ bullshit, bro.”

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